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Bessie's Hope: Bringing Generations Together
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A Fundraising Opportunity

Nowhere is the economic recession being felt more than in the world of nonprofits. We are seeing decreased giving, the potential of positions unfilled and services reduced, and more time spent on fundraising. Yet we are also hearing that the need for our services has never been greater. Clearly, the quality of life in our community would be affected if it were not for the essential services we provide.

To be healthy and productive, we must have financial support. Just imagine what our organization could accomplish with a consistent revenue stream. We are taking our lead from what other nonprofits are doing. With income from foundations and corporations shrinking, fiscally responsible nonprofits are thinking outside the box and are forming strategic partnerships with companies and individuals that share a common vision.

That's why we are excited about the Shaklee Fundraising opportunity. With Shaklee, you have the chance to make a real difference for our nonprofit on an ongoing basis. You likely purchase cleaning products, vitamins, and health and beauty aids regularly. Now you have the power to help our nonprofit every time you make a purchase by redirecting your choices to Shaklee non-toxic cleaners and health product alternatives. In turn, our organization receives income from the sale of every product made directly from our online store. It's that simple.

How the Program Works

1. Shaklee provides this FREE online store for you and other members and friends of our organization to purchase Shaklee high quality products.
2. You redirect your monthly spending for household, beauty, and health care products for your home and your family so our nonprofit benefits from your purchases. All products are backed by an unconditional, money-back guarantee.
3. Your purchases from our online store, now and in the future, will provide a sustainable source of fundraising income for our nonprofit.
4. There is no conflict of interest, no risk. Just a sustainable, long-term way to support our nonprofit with ongoing income. And your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed!

The Cone Cause Study in 2008 found 79% of Americans would switch brands to support their cause.*

* Past. Present. Future. The 25th Anniversary of Cause Marketing, CONE LLC, Boston, MA, 2008